The SCIER platform is a complex Integrated System which embodies technologies and structures from different Scientific Fields: Wireless Sensor Networks, Environmental Engineering and Modelling, Grid Computing for parallel processing. To merge modules developed on different technological platforms so that they form a new, complete system is a very difficult task which requires an excellent knowledge and understanding of operational specifications for each module in separate, as well as a clear overview of the Integration strategy.


It is customary that the architecture of such a large-scale system is visualized by a vertical, bi-directional flow-chart divided into different layers. Each layer performs a specific set of activities. Contiguous Layers contribute to their common Interface so that all bilateral transactions are reliable and safe.


SCIER consists of three (3) architectural layers:


1.       A Sensing System for monitoring the Area of Interest (AoI)

2.       A Local Area Control Unit for administering Local Networks or Sensors

3.       A Computing System for simulating in real time scenarios on eminent disasters


Each Layer embraces a new set of sub-systems with their private Interfaces and operational specifications.

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